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CAYSA Spring Programs

2017 - Spring Soccer Season

Futsal Development Program  "CAYSA" 

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This season's 'Spring Soccer' and 'Futsal' will be held at the Wildwood “Jet” Jackson Recreational Center in cooperation with the Central Academy branch of Pinellas Park United. The address is as follows:

1000 28th St. South, St. Petersburg FL 33712

The following events will be held at Thomas Jet Jackson Sport Complex during the below dates:

Event 1:  April  - May: Mondays & Wednesday 6 --> 8 P.M. and Saturday 9 A.M. -->12:00 P.M.
Event 2:  May  - June: Mondays & Wednesdays 6 --> 8 P.M. and Saturday 9 A.M. -->12:00 P.M.
Event 3:  July - August: Mondays & Wednesdays 6 --> 8 P.M. and Saturday 9 A.M. -->12:00 P.M.


Select from either of two levels of the program (additional information below):

1. PADP - "Premier Academy Development Program" - Cost $135.00 with signed voucher.

2. EADP - "Early Academy Development Program" - Cost $70.00 with signed voucher.



Central Academy Youth Soccer Association ( or "CAYSA" )  provides a continuous development program during the spring and summer seasons. They run both indoor and outdoor, and are all methodology training programs (all phases of the training pyramid). Professional grade, certified coaches run the training while players are monitored closely by the club's directors during every session.

Only our experienced, competitive level coaches are allowed to interact with players and run the sessions. This is a great way for recreational players who have never had contact with the competitive level to receive more focused attention and get a feel for advanced ball control techniques, hints, and tips from professional grade players. In addition, several guest coaches from the Rowdies, Brazil, and Ireland will be making appearances during the different events to volunteer their time.

Trainers Include: Gerald Morin, guest players from the Tampa Bay Rowdies, former Brazilian player Romildo Sanches, Gui Toscani, Irish soccer professional Tommy Casey, former Guyanese National player Mark Rodrigues. CAYSA Coaching Staff: Detdavong Nouaneasa, Phanom Phanamath, Maghan Morin, Elon McIntosh, Megan Swaine, Peter Pereiro, Carlos Moreno, Gui Toscani, Trevor McDonald, Karlo Kuljanac, Jared Stapleton, Daka Philias, 

Special Guest Trainers (expanded):
-    Tampabay Rowdies Professional Soccer Players 
-    Romildo Sanches, former Brazilian player 
-    Tommy Casey (To Be Determined)
-    Anthony Wallace (To Be Determined)
-    Mark Rodrigues, former Guyanese National player/FIFA Women's Coach (To Be Determined)

Tampa Bay Rowdies will participate in training all the CAYSA players. Youths will have twenty minutes to meet, greet, and socialize with the players as well as to ask any questions they have. Rowdies players will offer up their autographs, in addition, privately. Schedule will be posted

In addition, Saturday, tickets to Al Langley Stadium will allow CAYSA Spring soccer participants to enjoy a fun night out including a celebration in the Rowdies' Locker Room and the Challenging team. Walk on the field with the professional players.

Free T-Shirts/jerseys are included with this program, both for the Spring Event Program itself and a commemorative Rowdies T-Shirt.


"FUTSAL" Training & Games - This is where the true magic in footwork and technical skills comes.  This dynamic and fast-paced program will bring major increases in confidence, speed, quickness, agility!  
There are 2 levels:
1. PADP - "Premier Academy Development Program" - Cost $135.00 with signed voucher.

2. EADP - "Early Academy Development Program" - Cost $70.00 with signed voucher.


The Spring and Summer Programs of Futsal, indoor at Thomas Jet” Jackson Sport center. Dual indoor collegiate gymnasiums. Register and join the fun experience at www.caysapinellas.com.

The facility has easy access via i275 South to exit 21. Right next to the ramp and shoulder. 

            Event 1:  April - May  -  Mondays, Wednesday 6-8pm, and Saturday between hous of 9:00am-12:00pm

            Event 2:  May - June - Mondays,  Wednesdays 6-8pm and Saturday between hours of 9:00am-12:00pm

            Event 3:  July - August - Mondays Wednesdays 6-8pm and Saturday between hours of 9:00am-12:30pm

SOUTH COMPLEX: 1000 28th St. South
Saint Petersburg, FL 33712
(Thomas "Jet" Jackson Sport Complex)



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