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Executive Board

Director of Coaching
Gerald Morin

      Gerald Morin has been with Pinellas Park United for 8 years and has considerable experience both as a coach and as a soccer administrator. His various connections and over 25 years of experience as a soccer player, parent, and businessman come together to give PPYSA one of its most robust Directors to date.
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Assistant DoC
Det Nouaneasa

      Assistant Director of Coaching Det Nounanesa works closely in tandem with our primary Director of Coaching and our Youth Soccer Development board appointee to make sure all coaches have what they need to train our children effectively. A nationally rated goal keeper and goal keeper trainer, he brings a solid background of experience to the field.
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Lisa Morales

      Secretary for the board for over two years, Lisa handles and maintains the meeting minutes as well as other important notary items for PPYSA; a devoted parent, she has been an active presence both on the board and on the field.
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Millicent Morin

      Millicent, previously our Registar, donated much of her time to filling the vacant position until a permanent volunteer could be trained. Already very busy as an experienced teacher and mother, we thank her for being able to take on the extra paper work and fielding parents' inquiries.
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Meghan Morin

      Running like clockwork thanks to Meghan's efforts, concessions is in excellent shape. Having traveled abroad for several years, Ms. Morin has returned to Pinellas County to assist the club and we are incredibly thankful for her hours put in over the past few months. Capable and always friendly, Meghan has become the person parents love to see during weekend games.
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Gerald Morin

    ( Board position vacant. Volunteers needed! )
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YSDP Director/Com.

    ( Board position vacant. Volunteers needed! )
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Members at Large

Member at Large
Biron Figueroa

      From field maintenance to building repair or extension, Biron uses his extensive experience and contacts within his profession to ensure that the entirety of club property meets or exceeds city code specifications. This also includes our awesome new grill and any other areas where the club needs fixing up.
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Board Subcommittees

Volunteer Subcommittee

Volunteer Coord.

    ( Board position vacant. Volunteers needed! )
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Sponsorships/Scholarships Subcommittee


     ( Board position vacant. Volunteers needed! )
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IT Subcommittee

IT Lead
Erik Jones

      Once a player at PPYSA from the years between '97 and '99, Erik has returned to both coach and oversee the improvement and upgrade of the club's IT needs which include PPYSA's new website.
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Referee Subcommittee

Referee Assignor
David Dreslin

      David handles referee assignment and training for PPYSA refs, overseeing the operations required to ensure that tournaments and games run smoothly and are professionally monitored.
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