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       Pinellas Park's Academy and Competitive teams represent years of directed training, focused excellence, and unerring dedication. Selected for their exceptional abilities, player's techniques and tactics are further honed through competitions to bring them up to a level that truly allows their potential to flourish. Generally, children selected for these teams remain together for years at a time; including traveling with parents to compete all across the State of Florida.

       Coaches likewise are selected for their dedication and passion for the sport and youth, having steadfast backgrounds at Professional, Collegiate, or National levels of playing experience. We cannot thank them enough for lending and volunteering their invaluable expertise back to the community and the aspiring athletes within.

Phanom Phanamath

 U - 8


Originating from Laos, there perhaps isn't a time in his life where Coach Phanom hasn't played soccer. Having been with Pinellas Park for just over 3 years, Phanom trains our youngest and most ambitious players in the U - 8 age bracket.

Starting his career in Laos playing pickup games and street soccer, we are incredibly thankful that he can donate his wealth of experience toward honing the most fundamental of skills at the earliest level; techniques and lessons that will last a lifetime

Head Coach

Gerald Morin

 U - 9

Jairo Franco

 Between them, Coaches Gerald Morin and Jairo Franco have perhaps more than forty years of experience with soccer and/or coaching. No detail escapes the duo, their unique approaches to training elevating any child to a path where their potential can be fully realized.

Originating from Columbia, Coach Jairo has been at Pinellas Park since 1985. Coach Morin, likewise, hails from Jamaica and has played at professional levels in South America, Italy, Greece, England, and Brazil to name a few. He was scouted, originally, when he was 16 while playing street soccer in New York.

Head Coach
   Assistant Coach
Zach Haddak

 Assistant Coach Zachary Haddak, hailing from Algeria originally, has had a unique degree of experience playing abroad in multiple countries (aside from residing in them). From Africa, to England, to Germany, Coach Haddak has made an impression among parents in only his first season with the club. His attention to the emotional and mental well being of players, likewise, is one of the many hallmarks of his unique approach to coaching.

Assistant Coach


 U - 10

 Originally from Bosnia, Coach AJ is an incredibly passionate mentor and coach when it comes to the sport of soccer. An experienced player himself (having played abroad in Germany), his more than two years with Pinellas Park have resulted in the U - 10's steadfast climb up in the rankings.

Head Coach

Det Nounanesa

 U - 11

Andreas Wong

Hailing from Laos originally, Coach Nounanesa runs our club's goal keeper training sessions during the Fall season. Nationally licensed keeper trainer, he brings an impressive background of experience to the field for all positions and players. Having been coaching with Pinellas Park for six years, recently two of his players have been accepted into the USSDA; a national level program well monitored by the Federation for future national class players.

All the way from Mexico, Andreas has direct experience playing soccer abroad. He has assisted Coach Det over the years helping the U-11's to smash their way through multiple tournaments and competitions.

Head Coach
   Assistant Coach

Tim Palmer

 U - 13

Joel Jadus

Coaches Tim Palmer and Joel Jadus are the dual team behind the sting that is the U13 competitive, having been with Pinellas Park for just over two years. Working in flawless tandem during training, their tireless efforts have put their boys in the top 200 teams in the State of Florida.

Head Coach
   Assistant Coach

 Coaches Tim & Joel love working with youths of all ages and believe in developing good character habits through sports. Examples of these important traits include integrity, honesty, work ethic, responsibility, respect, compassion, leadership, and team mentality. Joel, having been a multi-sport athlete and a coach at many age levels, brings a passionate, yet balanced, caring and thoughtful approach to developing each player individually as well their ability to be a successful teammate both on and off the field.


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