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Registration - Add Program - SMS Text Messaging - Site Navigation


PLEASE NOTE: When registering you MUST be logged into the CAYSA website, since all registration will go through their site. The information here applies as a guide to that site as well, since it is the same interface. This link below will take you directly to their login page when ready: 


Online Registration (Central Academy): [Click Here]

Central Academy Youth Soccer has a new website to help streamline the running and interaction of parents and volunteers. To begin, we need you as a parent to register with us using our new system.

At the top right of the website, you should see two options called '> Log In' and '> Register'. Please use the 'Register' link and follow the form/instructions to register yourself as the 'Primary Contact' for our organization, just as you did when you signed your child up for soccer.

Fill in the Primary Contact form as completely as possible, as we will use this information to contact you, keep you updated on CAYSA events, or for when there is an emergency.

Fill out the form to add in and associate a player/participant with your Primary Contact account. When finished, you may use the 'Add Another Participant' button at the bottom of the page to include another child.

Once finished, click the 'Next' button to be taken to a page in which to choose from the currently active and available programs. From there you may select which program you wish your child to participate in and proceed to checkout. If the program is of a competitive nature, reoccurring costs associated with the program will be automatically billeted to the primary account.

-------- ADD A SEASON/PROGRAM --------

When you are ready to sign your child up for the next season or summer/spring program, simply log in to your account by clicking '> Log In' in the upper right of the site. Once you are logged in, you should be taken to your main account homepage. In it, you should see a list of children under your account. If you do not, you may move your mouse over the small icon (-) shown below and add a participant.

If there are programs open for registration, you should see a green button next to your child's name that indicates how many programs are available. Click it.

Click on the green button next to a program to 'Select' it as the one you want to register for. Multiple programs may be signed up for in this manner.

Once the program is selected, click the green 'Continue' button to proceed with registration. You may be required to sign-up for a volunteer role, which comes after the waiver form. More complex features like reoccuring payments for Academy/Competitive teams will also be included if the program requires it.

Any issues with online registration may be directed to [email protected] ; all regular registration questions may be directed to our Director of Coaching:
[email protected]


SMS Text Alerts


Our previous site's SMS text system will be discontinued and all parents who have signed up for it will need to transfer over to our new system. To do so, please follow these instructions:

1. If you were signed up for our previous system, text the word 'STOP' to 84483.

2. Register with the site and input your cell phone number for the Primary or Secondary account holder.

3. When you receive the SMS confirmation e-mail, text the keyword to 84483.

Problems? Need additional help? Please send an e-mail to [email protected] ; we will work with you
to resolve any issues you may have. Thank you, parents.

You may review the company's complete privacy policy ( at this link ) . If you wish to obtain more information or require assistance, text 'HELP' to 84483.


Site Navigation


You may navigate the main site pages by clicking on the appropriate links at the top of the page, which will jump you down to the article you wished to read.

You may also then click on the title of the article to be brought back up to the top of the page from which to select the next article to view.

You can preview this system now by clicking on 'Site Navigation' above.

We thank you for being patient as we make the switch to a newer, better web system.
If you encounter problems or issues, you may contact our web admin at the listed e-mail under 'Board'
or our 'Contact Us' pages.

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