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Recreational & Other Programs

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       Central Academy's Recreational and Other Programs represent the bulk of our player base, combining a unique mixture of children, coaches, and parents from all walks of life, nationalities, and skill levels who all share a common love of soccer. From our U - 12 team down to our U - 6 and EADP (Early Developement) Program, the common thread of passion for the sport binds all our volunteers and participants together throughout Pinellas County.

       All players, regardless if they pursue a career in sports, start at the recreational level at some point in their lives. As a result, the influence and impact that volunteer coaches have on them can be tremendous. It is not uncommon for successful players to return to the recreational coaches that first trained them and relay the impact they had on their early careers.

       In addition, recreational teams that do exceptionally well become upgraded to 'Select' teams; wherein they are sponsored by the club to compete against Competitive and Club teams at designated competitions over the Spring and Summer. Though irregular, it gives those recreational players invaluable exposure and experience at higher tiers and levels; exposing them to advanced tactics and challenges where normally they would not have the opportunity.

Kurt Williams

 U - 8 Girls


 Coach Williams has had an impressive 10 years coaching locally here in Pinellas County. Having been to multiple clubs in the area, the wealth of knowledge and experience Kurt brings to any team and player is impactful and precise. Having children who play at various age groups himself, he has managed to donate
a large portion his remaining time back toward the club.

Head Coach
Anthony Lopez

 U - 10 (#1)



Head Coach

 U - 10 (#2)



Head Coach
Joshua 'JJ' Johnson

 U - 12 Girls


 Coach JJ is next on our list for 'Coach Spotlight', having done a superb job this 2015 - 2016 season with the U - 12 Girls team. Having gained the praise of parents and kept the sport enjoyable for his team, their mixed season ended on a high note with a major win in the GYSA games. A healthy passion for the sport and the children he coaches means Joshua has left a lasting impression with both parents and players for years to come.

Head Coach

Eric Harvey

 U - 12 (#1)



Head Coach
Andre De Marzo

 U - 12 (#2)


 Coach DeMarzo has a wealth of experience having been coaching with our club for several years. From the U - 16 bracket to the U - 12, Coach Andre brings with him an impassioned energy that is hard to match. We would also like to note, specifically, that he grills some of the best hotdogs and hamburgers in the club. Always an advocate of merging teams for cookouts and ad-hoc pick-up games, his efforts have contributed greatly to the sense of small family and community present at Pinellas Park. Despite some setbacks throughout his seasons, Andre's efforts have helped set an example for all YSDP Coaches. Coach Andre and the U-14 team commonly hold joint cookouts and pick-up games during the season.

Head Coach
Carlos Gutierrez

 U - 14

Erik Jones

 Hailing all the way from Columbia, Coach Gutierrez is an impassioned coach and father. With connections to experienced National level coaches in Spain and elsewhere, his consistent love for the game and the tactics and techniques within lend themselves to his dedication to players during training. Impressively, Coach Gutierrez has doubled the number of ball touches and hours on field for his players. As a result, U - 14 in the 2014 - 2015 season became 'Select' for its undefeated status at recreational level and went on to compete in the Metro PCS and Bradenton Cup tournaments. The U - 14's and Coach Andre commonly hold joint cookouts and pick-up games during the mid-Fall season.

Head Coach
   Assistant Coach

George Alvez

 U - 19



Head Coach
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